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1. Holiday Gift Guide // Rose Gold I, must like Jess, have also fallen for the rose gold trend over the past few years. The Youtubers got a hold of me a few years back and I haven't been the same since...

2. 5 Simple Rules for Choosing Your Essential Coat As a person who most certainly does not know how to choose their essential coat, I know that this post will come in handy the next time I go to expand my outerwear collection.

3. Adele Congrats to Adele for selling three million albums in her first week. I'm very, very glad I could contribute to that number and my ears are also pretty happy about it.

4. When It's Ending I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING.

5. Christmastime in the City Other than the fact that Jessica's outfits are always incredible and the photography is out of this world, CHICAGO LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN. I mean, I know it's fun, but I just want to bundle up and walk around the windy city ASAP. I need to go back!

6. NY Closets: Edie Parker Designer Brett Heyman I love the NY Closets series so, so much! The Valentino scalloped poncho and matching shorts are adorable!

7. Fall-ing for Maroon The Burberry quilted coats are one of the most comfortable jackets I've ever tried on (I might've given one a whirl at work...).

8. Festive Plaid As much as I love the plaid, I think my favorite part of this look had to have been the red bow tied around Carly's ponytail!

What have you been reading lately?


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