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1. White Marble Nails Carly Cristman, killing it with pretty nails since the beginning of time.

2. Stockholm I can not think of a circumstance in which Sonya Esman has not been the epitome of perfection.

3. Texts from the Group Chat: What Are We Wearing Tonight? This literally happened on Saturday night, so honestly, #RelatableTweets.

4. Cashmere Under $100 I have a terrible habit of touching all of the cashmere sweaters at work because they are just so soft and buttery and luxurious.

5. Turkey Day Duds Just give me all of the turtlenecks and I will be a happy, happy girl.

6. Dressing for the Season I am head over heels in love with camel colored coats and I've been super into hats lately. I really need to pick up one with the faux fur baubles on top!

7. An Eccentric Holiday Give my pussybow blouses or give me death...DVF prints are to die for!

8. How to Get Creative With Branding Your Business Filing this under things to remember!

9. Gucci Is Changing How We Fashion...Fashion A very interesting read indeed. Fashion is more than meets the eye!

10. Let's Grab Coffee I still need to figure out how to style my blazer...Jessica makes it look so effortless.

11. A Young Adult Now that I am officially not a teenager anymore, I feel like this blog post was perfectly aligned!

12. The 2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide This is the most intense gift guide I have ever laid eyes on. It is absolute perfection.

What have you been reading lately?


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