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1. Save, Spend, or Splurge // Holiday Red Lip Faves I am fairly certain that I need all of these shades now. I have lipsticks from NYX and TooFaced and I actually nearly swatched the melted velvet shade on Friday! Things to consider...

2. Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts Recipe My first two years of college in the dorms consisted of me eating mass amounts of Pop-Tarts (I used to stock up on the Pumpkin Pie flavor) because they were the cheapest and easiest option for me. I'm getting some hardcore nostalgia from this recipe and feel like I need to try it out, just for this reason.

3. Print Mix I love mixing prints and textures. I had no qualms about doing it and I think Jessica did it incredibly with the dark tartan pants and the neutral printed sweater. She looks so cute and cozy!

4. Joe Fresh Winter You know how I feel about turtlenecks....

5. 5 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf I love my blanket scarves more than anything in the entire world, so I always look forward to the styling posts around this season to find some ways to switch it up.

6. J. Crew New Arrivals I haven't been inside of a J.Crew in absolute ages but I just curious every time I walk past the store, especially now that it's all decorated and set up for the holidays! I might have to pop my head in very soon!

7. What's Your Favorite Social Media App? I'm a massive Instagram fan. I used to love Twitter a lot, but I think with the new updates I just don't enjoy it as much. I also can't think of any funny things to say anymore, so what's the point? Nobody cares that I've been listening to Made in the A.M. on repeat for over a week since Friday. Also, buy Made in the A.M. on iTunes.

8. Dark Denim This just reminded me of how much I need new jeans, like as soon as possible. Mine are hopeless. They're too big and won't shrink and belts are the worst thing to happen and I have no time with them. Plus my only belt might have just broken and I'm not keen on buying a new one...

What have you been reading lately? 


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