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1. Get Organised: How to Cure Your Chronic Lateness Anyone who knows me or my family will know that we are perpetually late people. The only things I show up on time for are work and class. Friends know that I show up about an hour late. I am always rushing, even when I give myself loads and loads of time to get ready. It's a very bad habit, so I'm always looking for ways to improve!

2. C'est la Vie If those plaid gloves aren't the cutest things my eyes have ever seen, I swear. I love the navy and green combination when it comes to plaid.

3. Emojis are Worth a Thousand Words Honestly though, emojis are a gift from the heaven above and I cannot imagine modern technology without them.

4. Suede Skirt I feel like, one way or another, I talk about a suede skirt on this blog every single week. And I plan on continuing this as long as possible because they are so darn cute.

5. Fancy Flats As much as I love my heeled booties, sometimes they're just not practical for walking to campus. I'm lucky that my job allows for heels when I want to (and flats when I want to). Really, I have no qualms about wearing heels to class, but it definitely makes more sense to wear flats when I'm walking to campus. I really should consider getting a pair of cute, statement flats like some of these to really amp up an outfit rather than having them just be another pair of shoes to throw on.

6. Let's Talk About It: Diversity in Fashion I'm doing one of my final projects this semester about diversity in fashion (or rather, the lack of–the statistics will make you roll your eyes) so this post was perfectly timed. Educate yourself, friends! And for my fashion loving readers who want to do this with your life, use this as a way to improve fashion for the future!

7. Rainy Day Attire Kelsey makes me want to get a trench coat. And a cool clear umbrella. And short hair again. #ThanksGirl

8. Pumpkin Spice Blondies Is this the name of my Halloween costume from last night or a delicious treat? I kid, I kid. But these look delicious and if I don't try to attempt these at some point, I will be doing a great injustice to my tastebuds and self.

9. Chic in Pink Why don't I own a pink turtleneck yet? Or rather, why do I not own any light pink sweaters in general?

10. Abby's October Budget Buys So many fun colors for the fall season!

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