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Gift Guide According to Francesca #1

GUYS, I KNOW, I KNOW. I'M BREAKING MY NO CHRISTMAS BEFORE DECEMBER FIRST RULE! But I keep seeing gift guides popping up and I just get so excited that I couldn't resist throw ing my hat into the ring much earlier than I usually would. Forgive me for bombarding you with Christmas so early. Then again, this could easily be a gift guide for any situation... ;)

1. Candles because people like it when their rooms smell nice. Could be a Bath and Body Works candle, could be any candle brand, could be holiday related or not...get creative! Just, please, for the love of god, do not get that bacon scent from Yankee Candle...just don't.

2. CDs – because everyone likes music, right? And more specifically, One Direction's new album Made In The A.M...

3. Books – because Mindy Kaling's two books Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Why Not Me? make two great gifts...and are two great rhetorical questions to ask yourself.

4. Thermal Cups or Tumbler cupsbecause these will slowly become your best friends and the only thing you drink out of...

5. Nail polish setbecause who doesn't love a fresh manicure?

6. Body wash because sometimes we just don't want to use a dollar bar of soap that we scrounged up change for.

7. Mini perfumesbecause who wants to dish out approximately one thousand dollars on the full sized Tory Burch perfume, no matter how glorious it smells?

8. Makeup bagsbecause you can never have too many, right? *mounds fall out of my closet onto me as I try to grab one*

9. Lipstick duobecause #ALLTHELIPSTICK!

10. Kate Spade earrings and ringbecause everyone needs a little more sparkle in their life.


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