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Things I'm Loving

This post should probably alternately be titled Things I'm Loving: One Direction Edition. You've been warned...


1. "Perfect" by One Direction

Last Friday, those four life ruiners released their new single called "Perfect." It's a cute little tongue-in-cheek track that is most likely poking fun at Taylor Swift (there is an incredible mash-up of this song and "Style" that makes my heart soar). The sound reminds me of "Style" but the ironic self-depreciating nature of the song is right up there with "Blank Space." I kid you not, I woke up at 7AM last Friday, rolled over, bought the song immediately, and didn't stop listening to it on repeat until I got to work at 11. I do not regret this decision, especially since I am still listening to this song all the time. In fact, I was just listening to the stripped down version right before I started this sentence. 

Plus, the video for this song just came out on Monday and when I say that it is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I'm not kidding. Harry lays down on an ottoman very dramatically and wears a lot of silk (Gucci and Louis Vuitton *melts*). It's his Instagram aesthetic in a video. How am I supposed to not love it?

2. "Home" by One Direction

Again, I gave you a warning beforehand about the general theme of this post. One Direction never lets me sleep. I don't know whether it properly leaked or if it came up on Spotify too early or whatever. But basically, Tuesday night, the Perfect EP started showing up on my Tumblr dashboard and I was all sorts of confused. It contains two different versions of "Perfect," a clubby remix of "Drag Me Down" that I would drop to the floor to, as well as a new track that isn't on the new album called "Home." 

"Home" is one of those songs that if you didn't know what you were listening to, you'd be like,
"wait, this is One Direction?" It's just so not them, but not in a bad way in the slightest. It's just what their general maturing and progression of sound has allowed them to do. Plus, I'm a sucker for songs that have to do with home. AN ABSOLUTE SUCKER FOR THEM!!! There's no explanation for this, it's just how things are.

3. Mustard + Purple

This is more of a color combination and sweater/lipstick option sort of  thing. Back in September, I purchased this slightly cropped boxy mustard sweater from H&M. I normally won't buy clothing if I don't know what color lipstick I can wear with it (sad, but true).  I still picked this one up on a whim because I loved the color and fit and figured that I could always just wear it with a brown-y nude. WRONG. I tried it on the day I got it with Flat Out Fabulous from MAC and knew that purple was the only color I was ever going to wear with it. I've also tried it out with Aria from NYX and it looks just as good.

4. New Emojis

There is a unicorn. Must anything else be said about the new emoji additions? I think not.

What have you been loving lately? 


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