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Paris Fashion Week SS16 (Part Two)

If all goes well, I should only have one more part to go to cover the rest of Paris Fashion Week. Better late than never, right? There were just too many good shows to cut any more out. Plus, who doesn't love a little post-fashion week coverage? ;)

This collection included two of my favorite things: sequins and tulle. Combined with rich colors, color blocked to perfection, this was really fun collection.

This collection was typical Elie Saab with the sparkle and lace. This is just an aesthetic that works for the brand and I will never get sick of seeing their sleek, elegant silhouettes paired with delicate lace and glitz. Plus, there was a pair of lace pants. Does it get much better than that?

I was getting a very 60s vibe from this collection, but like...a bohemian 60s? Maybe like 60s silhouettes meets 70s prints and colors? It was a very interesting combination. Then there were some incredible floral patterns and embellishments that added the elaborate Giambattista Valli touch.

This collection was everything you would to expect from a classic label like Hermès. It was simple, luxe and tailored to perfection.

There was a sort of 70s mood to the overall collection, but the looks seemed more 80s than anything else. Plus, how could you miss the sparkling textiles? I love shiny things...

Does it get much better than frothy dresses, polka dotted attire, as well as a healthy dose of bedazzled garments? I think not.

There was a lot of variety within looks at Lanvin. There were dresses to suits to everything in between. And there was SEQUINS!!!!

What did you love from Paris Fashion Week?


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