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1. (Don't) Curb Your Enthusiasm "Enthusiasm, I've found, engenders more enthusiasm and an ability to see the forest through the trees; the opposite it true of naivety." *insert clapping emoji here*

2. Cute Etsy Finds I think I might definitely need those fall inspired pencils. I don't even use regular pencils, but who says I need to actually use them?

3. Chic Sweater Dress Just give me anything with a turtleneck and I will be one happy girl.

4. It's Okay...Vol. 4 Little things to remember! Keep 'em in your back pocket, friends!

5. My Current Bookshelf I wish I had more time to read. I've had Mindy's newest book on my desk for over a month now and haven't even cracked it open.

6. Oh, Canada I love the look of this burnt orange combined with the leather jacket. Leather jackets in general are just great pieces and I love when they're paired with "girly" pieces.

7. Suede on Suede with Wayf and Stuart Weitzman  The Stuart Weitzman over the knee suede boots are honestly works of art.

8. Minimalism I am generally a pretty colorful person. I just like bright things! But I'm also in love with the whole minimalism trend that is sweeping my Instagram feed.

9. How to Find Your Personal Style If I'm going to take advice on personal style, it's going to be from Carly Cristman. She has the most incredible and distinctive style that I just adore.

10. The Internet is a Village Some of my dearest and most supportive and creative friends are people I've met through my blogs on the internet over the years (HEY MAHI, MY OLDEST INTERNET PAL!!!!). It's an incredible place, really.

What have you been reading lately?


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