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Birthday Wish List

We're less than a month away from my birthday, which isn't all that exciting. I'm only turning twenty, so other than officially not being a teenager anymore, there isn't much to the day. However, it will mean that we are that much closer to Thanksgiving AKA the best holiday in the world AKA a nice break at home. So for that reason, I am very excited for my birthday and the end of November!

Since my senior year of high school, I've been completely disinterested in gifts. There's nothing that I need and even if I wanted something, it'd be so frivolous that it isn't even worth buying. I don't particularly like receiving gifts, either, which makes birthdays and Christmas an interesting time of the year. So this is my attempt at making a birthday wish list, despite truly only wanting number six on the list.

2. Burberry Brit perfume (Nordstrom Rack has a big bottle for much cheaper!)
3. Donations to The Malala Fund and/or Love 146

5. Coffee

6. Harry Styles
8. Subscriptions to Vogue and Porter magazines


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