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1. "Infinity" by One Direction

Will One Direction ever let me relax? The foursome (I'll never get over saying that...sigh, kind of miss you Zaynie) released a new song from their fifth studio album Made In The AM, coming out on  November 13th. First thing, Niall Horan absolutely killed the opening lines. That boy has improved so much over the years and it just makes me so happy to hear the confidence in his voice and on stage in the way he belts out the lyrics and just exudes happiness on stage. That little leprechaun is an absolute ray of sunshine.

Anyways, "Infinity," right...this isn't the Niall Horan show...or is it??

I love the new direction One Direction (AHHHHH) is taking for this album so far. I feel like this is something that they truly tried to set out to do with themselves from the start. But, like any normal human beings (though I am still unconvinced that Harry Styles is actually human and is instead some sort of bionic alien of perfection...but I digress) they had to evolve and come into their own before they could create something like "Drag Me Down" or even "Infinity." They had to grow up, learn a thing or two about life and themselves, before they could sit down (or stand, I suppose, for recording purposes) and deliver this song.

Look, I'm not saying that I've been listening to this almost exclusively on repeat and murmuring "I love One Direction" over and over again for the past couple of days...but I'm also not not saying that either...

2. "On My Mind" by Ellie Goulding

Another incredible song release recently was Ellie Goulding's new single. This song is my jam. I shimmy to it constantly. It's a new strut song, honestly. I cannot sit still when this song comes on. There's something so edgy and sexy about it that just makes it impossible not to want to get down to this song. Does anybody even say that anymore? Do I actually care if people say things anymore or not?

You heard it here first, folks. I want to get down to "On My Mind" by Ellie Goulding.

3. 1989 by Ryan Adams

Have I mentioned that music is my favorite thing in the world? Because it is, which is usually why my Thursday posts usually revolve around it. That, and the fact that I don't have the funds to try out a lot of new products as of late. Hopefully that changes soon, but for now, let's talk about a fantastic album release from this week.

Ryan Adams is one of my personal favorite musicians ever. He's raw, he's an incredible songwriter, and his lyrics bring me to tears. "Come Pick Me Up" is my go-to cry in the car song. It gets me every single time, and the demo version is even more heartbreaking, if possible. What I'm trying to say is that Ryan Adams conveys so many emotions in his songs, so to hear his take on Taylor Swift's 1989 album is refreshing. This album wasn't a breakup album by any means, but Ryan Adams managed to add in this like...raw, rocker emotion to it to give it a completely different take. It's reminiscent of the emotions from Red or even Speak Now, with a Bruce Springsteen-esque twist on each track.

I think he could've done a better job at trying to change the lyrics to make them heteronormative (still miffed that he changed the "James Dean daydream look in your eye" line...). I don't generally like when artists do this when they're covering songs, but even Taylor didn't refer to this as a cover album so I's said to be more of a "reimagining" of the original album.

I digress, this album has been a joy to listen to and I've been strutting around campus to his version of "Style" all week.

Also, does anyone else find it hysterical that this album is able to stream on Spotify or is that just me?

4. Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants

Just give me Trader Joe's everything. I work across the street from one now, so I have a new grocery spot to go to every Saturday. I was talking about how excited I was to go after my shift was over to a co-worker and she told me about all of the things she likes to get there and I took note. I always take recommendations, especially for food because I am absolutely hopeless in the kitchen.

She mentioned these chocolate croissants in the frozen section that you leave out overnight before you bake them. I picked up a box during my trip, not really thinking much of it. I made them Monday morning and let me just say...they're incredible.

Basically all you do is lightly grease a baking sheet and lay out these dough squares. You're supposed to leave them out for nine hours (so overnight) before baking them so they can rise. And let me just tell you, these suckers rise. They get huge!!!! Like I couldn't fit one in the palm of my man hands, that's how massive these croissants were. After they rise, you pop them into the oven for about 20 minutes and you've got four incredible and massive chocolate croissants for around $4.  Like what? That's unheard of. UNHEARD OF!!!!

What have you been loving lately?


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