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1. Alessia Cara

I have a screenshot in my phone that I took of Teen Vogue's Instagram page from May 23. Sometimes when I don't want to forget something I see, I'll screenshot it so I remember it. Rarely do I ever remember it, which is why I might have late on the Alessia Cara train. As I'm writing this, I'm listening (and humming along) to her song "Seventeen" from her debut Four Pink Walls - EP. It's not even this song that is catchy and incredible. Every song makes me want to sing along and sway my hips. She's so talented and so young and I am just all sorts of obsessed with her existence.

To listen to: "Seventeen" and "Here."

2. "Hair" by Little Mix

I've always liked Little Mix, but something about this past summer made me absolutely head over heels obsessed with those four girls. There's just too much talent in one group and I am constantly flabbergasted by their live performances. They released a new song from their upcoming album Get Weird the other day and it is a TUNE. It makes me feel so sassy and brand new. I was reborn when I heard this song for the first time last Thursday when it leaked (I promptly purchased it as soon as I possibly could, don't worry). I'm still jamming to it a week later and will probably be jamming to it for the rest of eternity. Like, c'mon. #GETHIMOUTMYHAIR

3. Halsey

Tumblr is obsessed with Halsey and everyone should follow in its footsteps. This girl is one thousand different types of talented. She's socially aware, uses her platform to promote issues that are important to not only her, but should be to the rest of us. She's smart, she's young, she oozes talent and intelligence. Her debut album Badlands came out last week and it's just about been the only thing I've listened to since I purchased it on Sunday. When all else fails, I'll put on Badlands. I went into purchasing this album knowing nothing than what I knew about her from Tumblr. I didn't listen to her EP or her singles. I heard "Hold Me Down" one time before and I think I listened to "Colors" on Spotify a couple of times before I decided to just dive straight into it and buy the whole damn thing. It is such a cohesive and cool album. It makes me want to buy a leather jacket and wear dark red lipstick and eat a whole box of candy cigarettes. I feel like a bad b*tch every time one of the songs comes up on shuffle (if I've decided not to listen to it on repeat for hours on end).

4. Gelly Roll Gel Pens

O H M Y G O D. Guys. GUYS. These pens are incredible. I have five of them in various colors and I think I need to get more because I just know that they're going to come in so much hand. I currently use mine to write out cute little lists for myself, but also to fill in my desk calendar (which is another favorite lately). They glide against the page and come in such pretty colors that I can't help but want to use them every single second of my life.

5. Erin McDowell Desk Calendar

I need a desk calendar to function. I had a big one last year, but there just isn't enough room on my desk to have one, so I opted for a smaller option. This one is a bit different than ones I've had in the past. It outlines your week in columns rather than having a whole month mapped out for you. I think I prefer this approach for daily tasks because it keeps me from worrying about future due dates (which I keep in my monthly calendars in my agenda) and focusing on the task at hand. I use my Gelly Roll pens to mark off each task mostly because it looks cute. There's really no rhyme or reason to it, it just looks nicer than a bullet pointed list.

What have you been loving lately? 


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