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Little Life Hacks #1

So, I was folding my underwear the other day...what a way to start a blog post, am I right? I digress, I was folding my underwear the other day because that's just what I do two days after I've done my laundry and let it air dry far longer than necessary. I was wondering how I acquired so much underwear over the past couple of years without having to buy that much underwear. I used to go crazy for those 7 for $27 deals (I'd wait for those to happen), as if I was prepping for the day that I'd only do laundry two times a month. In the midst of all of the underwear buying, I got rewards cards with coupons for free underwear, no purchase necessary. I am the type of person who feels weird just going to the counter with a pair of underwear, so I'd always get something in conjunction with it, despite not needing to. Clearly, I spent enough money at the store to qualify for this free panty! Why was I so hellbent on spending even more money? And alas, my first piece of advice sprouted.

1. Get those free underwear! 

I suppose this doesn't have to relate directly to Victoria's Secret or Aerie's coupon mailers (do other stores do this as well? Let me know, free underwear are the reason I don't have to do laundry for a month if I really didn't want to). But really, if you get one of those no purchase necessary coupons, pick out your cute little hiphuggers, march up to the counter and get them for free! You deserve them! Just like you deserve other things for yourself. If somebody gives you a gift or offers you something, no strings attached, take it! Don't be afraid of needing to pay somebody back or "owe them one." Sometimes people just like doing nice things for others, just like Victoria's Secret likes giving free underwear to their customers. It's a lovely balance.

I figured, why stop with that incredible piece of advice about your undergarments?

2. Add a tiara!

While I do completely support wearing tiaras at random, I am mostly referring to the idea of going big or going home. If you're going to do something, do it with your whole heart. Don't halfa$$ your way through life. It seems easier in the moment, but it'll come back to get you someday.

3. Drink more water. 

Listen, unless you drink water by the gallon (which you probably shouldn't do, I'm pretty sure that's not safe), you're probably not drinking enough water. I can tell you with complete certainty that I probably don't drink enough water for a day on a weekly basis and that's something that has to change. I was so good last year about it! It just makes you feel better. It makes you skin look nicer, your body feel more refreshed, and like, it's free. Get yourself a nice Brita filter and go to town, my friends.

4. Tip your waiters

Listen, unless your waiter is a complete and total wanker, tip your waiter and tip them well. I always give 20%, but if you're more comfortable with 15% or 18%, then that's your prerogative. Be courteous to your waiter, be patient, and seriously, just tip them. They rely on their tips and even if they get no tips, they'll still be paid their deducted salary.

5. Say "Hi" first

I'm the first to admit that I tend to avoid people in public. Or rather, I used to. I mean, we all have those moments where we're in a mood or don't look presentable, where the last thing we want to do is be around other people. And maybe, just maybe, those moods transfer into seemingly pleasant ones and you still just don't want to say hi. But really, it's a painless act of kindness. Give a little smile, a small wave, and a simple "hey, how are you?" I can guarantee it's not going to spark into a long conversation unless you want it to. It's a simple "hello" in passing. I always feel bad afterwards if I don't do it, so might as well just make it easy for yourself and go ahead and say it first.

What's one piece of advice you always give?


  1. Such good advice! I love that saying 'hi' can totally spark up a conversation. LOVE your BLOG!
    Katelyn Wamsley

  2. Such good advice! I love that saying 'hi' can totally spark up a conversation. LOVE your BLOG!
    Katelyn Wamsley


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