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1. In Defense of Fangirling I could not have said it better myself. Fangirling is something I do in my every day life, whether it's over my friends or bands or singular male entities (this may or may not be Harry Styles...). I feel like anything that is typically associated with teenage girls is berated for being childish and foolish. Tsk tsk tsk, if only people knew how well-informed, passionate, and intelligent teenage girls can be...

2. Last Bit of Summer Hello there, mermaid dress!

3. Design Finds of the Day That lingerie print is amazing.

4. Who's Running Fashion? An interesting read for you fashion lovers and consumers out there.

5. Navy Joie Blouse Things I should really invest in: a nice blouse.

6. Our Must-Read List For September I SEE YOU MINDY KALING, I SEE YOU.

7. Vogue Runway Has Officially Launched Just in time for fashion month.

8. Transitioning Varsity sweaters are my favorite and I really want to get a white and black one  (rather than my black with white details that I already own).

9. 5 Must Have Items in Your College Pantry I am the worst at keeping my food stocked, so I need to file this away somewhere in my brain so I can remember.

What have you been reading lately?


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