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August Reflection

August was hectic, to say the least. I don't think I have ever had a month where things were so crazy busy, fell off into nothingness, and then picked up being hectic right over again. August included moments like my last week (potentially ever?? #VOM) living at home, moving into my first apartment, starting a new job(ish sort of thing, it's complicated), and the beginning of my third and last full year of college. Like, that's pretty insane in the membrane. I would question how I'm holding it all together, but we all know it's through lipstick and my "fake it 'til you make it" mentality.

The week leading up to the big move was absolute madness, to say the least. It involved a lot of late night trips to Target, TJ Maxx, and the mall, which added up to way too much money spent on things that I may or may not have actually needed (Desk chair? Sure. High end facewash? Not so much). It was just my mom and me, which lead to probably too much arguing, so in retrospect, I'm sorry for that, Mamma Jamma. You know you're my homegirl!

The move itself wasn't awful, mostly because my incredibly lovely parents spent over four hours assembling my bed for me while I moseyed around and helped move my roommates' belongings from one unit to the other. Everything fell into place pretty nicely and I'm content with how my room is at the moment.  I'm definitely going to need a larger desk at some point, some wall art to add my pathetic attempt at a gallery wall, and a proper place to display my records and record player. Because how in the world am I supposed to cry to Taylor Swift's album Red on vinyl when its hidden beneath the side table next to my desk.

I was living in the apartment for two weeks before classes started and didn't really have all that much work to do besides the normal blog stuff and the occasional shift at the boutique. I had a couple of meetings and tried my hardest to make use of all of the free time that I had. Did I? Well...not quite. I'm still in that horrible, horrible creative slump that I've been stuck in for what feels like the entire summer. Creatively, I am not motivated and it's really, really frustrating when I have all of these books and magazines to read and all of these stories that I want to write. So that's still a work in progress, sadly. I'm hoping once I get settled into my schedule this semester, things will start picking up for me in that aspect again. A girl can only hope, right?

Okay, now back to school. I was a bit dramatic and feeling overwhelmed after I talked about my first week of classes. They really weren't that bad when I look back at it. I just wasn't feeling the idea of going back to school after a crazy summer working two jobs. I had two weeks of peace and I was just starting to enjoy my free time before I was thrown back into long days again. My negativity towards fall semester is completely rooted in my bitterness that I now have to, y'know, do things with my spare time instead of lounging around all day dancing around to One Direction in my apartment.

So, here's to hoping that I can get my sh*t together in September. Hmmm, I think I declare this Get Your Sh*t Together September. Cheers!


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