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1. Philosophy Purity Cleansing Wipes

I recently ran out of my beloved Tea Tree Water from Lush and was in desperate need for something else to cleanse my face with in the morning or when I'm just in a pinch and my skin is feeling particularly grimy. I thought I would go to my local Origins counter to see if they had anything like a cleansing mist or wipe, but it appeared that most things were along the lines of cleansing oils. Thankfully there was a really helpful worker who, when realizing that Origins might not have had what I was looking for, suggested these wipes instead and even gave me a weeks worth as a sample.

I ran out of both my Philosophy Purity face wash and face mask at the same time, but my favorite part other than, y'know, the fact that it kept my skin clean and clear(ish) was the fresh smell. These wipes have that same clean, slightly minty smell! I use these as soon as I wake up before I put on my moisturizer just to cleanse my face before the day starts. I am so, so happy with them and even picked up a full package at Sephora the other day.

2. Barcelona Mandarin & Mosaics Candle from Bath and Body Works

I'm trying this new thing where I only keep one candle at a time to burn in my room so I don't end up hoarding loads. Though I do have a feeling that this will probably change once the fall season kicks in and I'm going to want to burn pumpkin spice everything, I decided that my one candle for the time being would be this one. I really like the line of candles corresponding to different cities from Bath and Body Works! This one smells straight up like sweet citrus. I can't put my finger on it, but it smells like some sort of candy. It makes my room smell like mandarin oranges (very fitting) and is the perfect late summer scent.

3. Anastasia Brow Powder

For the longest time I only used the two darkest shades in my Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay to fill in my eyebrows. Recently, I hit pans on both shades and realized that it was probably time to get a proper brow powder so I could go back to using those as actual eyeshadows. I figured what better brand to get my eyebrow products from than Anastasia (their tinted brow gel is in my top five necessary beauty items, no doubt). I got the darkest duo and let me just say, I am head over heels in love with it. The shades are just the tiniest bit lighter than the two from my UD palette, which makes them look so much more natural. I use the darkest shade in the duo to fill in the "tail" portion of my brows and then I use the lighter shade to fill in the rest of my brows so it's not as harsh toward the center of my face. I always set my brow powder with my tinted brow gel, but honestly, this powder applies so nicely that I probably wouldn't have to set if it the rest of my hairs were in place.

4. My First Apartment

I'll do a proper post on this over the course of the next few weeks, but I've loved everything about living in this loft thus far. My friends, our cat Bailey, the large windows and natural light, the full sized kitchen, my bedroom, everything about it so perfect and lovely. This is definitely going to be a fun year!

What have you been loving lately?


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