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Open Toe Booties

We've reached the final (tears) look in my little photo series with my friend Katie. I figured we'd end it with a bang, which calls for full-bodied dresses, peep toe booties, and MAC's Party Parrot lipstick. Factor in the beautiful exterior of a museum, your best friend taking your photos, and a gorgeous wedding party coming in halfway through your pictures and nearly making you cry because they were so perfect and you'll get this day!

Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Steve Madden
Lipstick: Party Parrot (LE, Impassioned is similar) from MAC

It's never a proper outfit post without a decent amount of blooper shots. So without further ado...a little #BehindTheBlog of what a majority of photos look like.

This is still my favorite photo of the day, I just wish my hair hadn't blown at the most inopportune time! I tried so hard to retake this photo, but it never quite worked out. *sigh*

I am literally laughing at nothing. What are my legs doing? Why are my feet like that? Why am I like this?

I'm really really into this pose. Perhaps I was giving myself a head massage?

Practicing for that moment when Harry Styles is in front of me...or wiping lipstick off of my teeth, whichever.

Lo and behold, the ultimate sass look for this shoot.

When you're ready come and get it????

I feel like I should be hailing a cab. Or doing a little dance.


~ BOSSSSSS, Michelle Obama, purse so heavy getting Oprah dollars ~

An crude comment could be made, so I'll let you all get creative with that one...


  1. Love the whole outfit! You look beautiful in it!

  2. That dress is so fabulous. Love the booties too! xx


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