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Wednesday In The Park

My friend Heather and I have been concert buddies for as long as I can remember, probably since 2008 for our first (of many) Jonas Brothers concerts. Since then, we've seen far too many bands to count (normally of the cute, "boyband" variety because we can't help it! We have a type) and always make sure to make fools of ourselves the entire time.

On Wednesday, we (and some other cool kids) went to see Marianas Trench at Art Park. I never know how popular they are across the country since they're a Canadian band and I listen to primarily Canadian radio stations when I'm home, but if you haven't heard of them, you should definitely check them out. First thing, the show was on Canada Day so there were a lot of Canadians there to show support to the band, some even wearing the flag as capes, which was impressive and entertaining. At one point, Josh Ramsay was playing a Canadian maple leaf guitar, wearing a headband with two Canadian flags, and even put on a pair of maple leaf sunglasses.

When I mentioned that my friend and I like to make fools out of ourselves, I mean that we are great dancers. Well, in the sense that great actually means wild and kind of terrible. We have no shame when it comes to throwing crazy shapes and making the most out of the room we're given in any given venue. Once, in 2013, we saw Allstar Weekend and I actually ran around in circles on the back of the dance floor because, well, why not? If you have the space, might as well make good use of it!

Throughout the night, the two of us were the only ones in our section dancing (with the inclusion of some of her friends)(I think)(I was honestly too busy dancing to turn around and check).

Until Public Enemy Number One came into the picture.

My cousins girlfriend nudged me at some point during the concert and told me to look to my right because there was a girl trying to steal my thunder. Sure enough, a girl across the lawn was doing her own thing, trying to upstage me. Okay, she wasn't actively trying to because I'm fairly certain that she didn't know I existed until I started evil eyeing her. The only time in which I will every compete with another female is going to be in a dance battle of the unofficial sorts. So that's exactly what I did. I danced my little heart out for the entire concert, kicking it up a notch at the end so there was no chance of failure or defeat.

Josh Ramsay spend a decent amount of time in the crowd, running around and being his wild front man self (as you can see in the picture below).

And in case you were curious about who won the dance battle, it was me, because she left before the concert was completely over therefore she FORFEITED AND I WAS DECLARED CHAMPION. My victory was captured on video so now I can remember the moment forever and ever.

All in all, it was definitely in the top three most entertaining shows that I've been to with Heather (she agreed) and if you have a chance to see them on tour, DO IT. You will not regret it!


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