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The Homestretch of Summer

Well, not of the season of summer, but the summer I have left at home. I'm down to less than three weeks before I move into my apartment (to my readers of age: take a shot every time that I mention my apartment in a blog post). If this was a semester, I'd be calling this crunch time and trying to gather my bearings and try not to drown when finals week comes. But I'll be damned if I even attempt to go through my things to decide what is coming with me and what isn't.

Other than finally ordering my bed frame, I haven't really done much on the preparation front. I did buy two new agendas, which are the most important things in my life during the school year and arguably the only things aside from coffee that keep me sane and breathing. Does making a list of school supplies that I need count as being productive? I think I'm getting a mattress at some point?

So, maybe I'm a bit of a disorganized mess at the moment, but I can normally pull myself together when the clock is ticking. I mean, really, all I have to do is empty out a couple of bins, fill them with my summer clothes and do a little home decor shopping so my room doesn't look like a completely barren desert. Getting new makeup organizers would be ideal, though I'm not sure if I'm emotionally ready to dole out $20 for acrylic storage from The Container Store (says the girl who can dole out $30 for a lipstick that will go in one of those drawers).

And what am I going to do about food? I am a clueless cook. I cannot make anything that requires actual preparation, unless that is some form of baked good that I am too lazy to buy ingredients for. Can I live off of microwavable rice and pasta for another year? Or is Pinterest going to whip me into shape and turn me into a world renowned che—I can't even finish that sentence without laughing at myself. Here's to hoping that I do not completely succumb to the college lifestyle this year now that I am off of my meal plan. Though, I do sense a lot more Starbucks intake than last year...but that's just a gut feeling that I have.

Just going to fake my way through the rest of summer and hope for the best when it comes to packing up my life and moving it to Cleveland once again...I should be a pro at this by now, huh?


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