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I Can't Cook is not only the title of one of my Pinterest boards, but it is also just a general statement about my life. If it's not frozen and can't just be defrosted or sautéed with a little butter or oil, I am clueless. Boiling water for pasta is the furthest I've even gotten with kitchen wear and I genuinely don't think that I'm capable of anything else. But, in true Francesca fashion, I'm going to try! I went through my Pinterest boards (and searched around for some more copycat recipes) to try to find myself five recipes that I have no excuses not to try once I'm in my apartment and for the rest of forever. Here's to not resorting to frozen meals!

The struggle is real when it comes to finding foods that I can make at home that I won't get sick of after eating them endlessly for a few weeks (a month max). Hopefully Pinterest can keep me fully stocked with different things to eat or else I'm either going to go broke from eating too much takeout or cry through five nights of pasta a week. Let's pray for variation!

What's your favorite simple meal to cook? Help a girl out!


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