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Advice for College Freshmen #1

Now, you might ask, Francesca, are you even qualified to give advice? And my answer to that is no, definitely not, but that's never stopped me before! Summer is starting to wind down (well, for me at least) and I realized that I haven't done many college posts yet! I'm sure more will come when August begins and I'm with three other college girls who I can bother with my silly questions, but for now, here's a few pieces of advice for incoming college freshmen (or for any college students, honestly!) that will help make your first year of college a little bit nicer.

1. Go to class

I will put this in every college advice series ever because I believe it is so important. Obviously, if you're sick, don't put yourself through hell and back, but if you just don't feel like There are very few excuses that I can think of that will suffice for skipping class. Even if you feel like you're not missing out on anything or know that you'll get the notes from your friend, skipping becomes a habit and there's going to be times where you really should go to class and you just don't feel like it. Absences add up. Be present, my friends.

2. Talk to your advisors

I've heard of people not liking their advisors or at least their first year advisors which means me so sad to hear! However, if you have a good relationship with your advisor, meet with them frequently (at least once a semester) to talk to them about your plan for the next semester or the next year. They're the ones to go to in order to figure out your graduation track and what you should or should not take and picking up minors or dropping majors. They're sort of your life line, really, and it's always nice to have a little extra support in the academic realm of your lives.

3. Ask questions

Ask questions in class, outside of the classroom, just whenever you need help. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification or a definition. If you're lost, don't be afraid to stop somebody and ask for directions on campus (if they're rude to you then that's clearly their issue and not yours, move on to find somebody else who will be kind). If you need an answer, just ask! Professors and students are not horrible, horrible people who won't be willing to help you out. And, as I said, if they are then that's their issue to work out.

4. Talk to your neighbors

This can go for in class or in the dorms. There's always that sort of "unofficial assigned seat" deals in college so generally where you sit in the first week or two is where you're going to sit all semester. Introduce yourself to your neighbors! Or just have a nice chat with them before class. Honestly, my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and Kate Spade bag were a really nice conversation starter. Compliment somebody on their bag or phone case or shoes. Ask questions about homework or assignments due. Just do anything to be friendly!

5. Take notes

If you're going to go to class, don't sit on your phone the whole time. Take notes, even if you're given a PowerPoint that you have access to. Print it out three slides per sheet and take notes in the lines given. Write down important terms, put things in quotes if what the professor said seemed of importance (it'll probably end up on an exam!) Taking notes is going to keep you awake and attentive in class and give you something to study off of in the long run. There's nothing wrong with cross checking your friends notes or borrowing them on occasion, but don't make somebody do all of your work for you because eventually, it's going to bite you on the bottom!

Anddddd that's all for my first installment in the College Advice Series! Is there anything that you have questions on? Or disagree with?

What's your biggest advice for college freshmen? 


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