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1. Rules of Seduction by Jenna Mullins

I did a whole post about this book two days ago, but this is the latest book that I've read and finished this summer! It's a nice light YA read featuring lists, a good amount of quirks and humor, enough drama to keep your hand clapped over your mouth, and characters that will melt your heart. I'd give it a shot if you're looking for a book perfect to read during the summer months!

2. The Fool by Ryn Weaver

I'm not sure how long I was waiting for this album and I didn't even know the actual release date, just that it was sometime during early summer. I was on iTunes at midnight on Tuesday and saw that this was in the recently released section and hopped on that purchase button! Ryn's music is the perfect combination of pop with a little bit of an edge. Her voice has a great vibrato, it's strong, and it's just straight up cool. I can definitely seeing myself driving to this album with the windows down and just letting loose.

Favorite tracks: "The Fool," "Sail On," "OctaHate" (duh!), "New Constellations," and "Traveling Song."

3. Bite High Pigment Pencil in Velvet

I have a Bite lipstick duo that I purchased back in May, so since then I've been itching to try more Bite beauty products. I was scouring over the display at Sephora the other week when I was looking for a new liquid eyeliner and was oddly drawn to the shade Velvet. It's a subdued pink, no incredibly bright but still not a nude, and I fell in love. It's creamy, slightly glossy, and just a gorgeous and flattering color. My favorite part is that it's a twistable lip pencil which means NO SHARPENING!!!!

Some sassy over the shoulder action...
4. Palm Print Romper

I picked this up on my friend's request/suggestion. She sent me a photo of this romper while she was shopping because she knew that I had wanted something with a palm print on it. And on sale at $20, how could I say no?

It has criss-cross straps in the back with a little bit of elastic as well! There's a nice drawstring waist and has a modest V neckline that's a bit cheeky, but not too dramatic.

What have you been loving lately?


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