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There's Nothing Wrong With Ohio...


Does anybody else remember that song? I have to listen to it every time I'm driving to and from Cleveland because it makes me so happy. Bowling for Soup are just the best. Don't even get me started with "1985..."

As you know, I went back to Cleveland over the weekend to hangout with my friend, meet our cat, and just get away for the weekend. I had such a lovely time and it felt so nice to be back in Cleveland, even if it was disgustingly humid and I am grossly out of shape.

Friday morning started out with a 6AM wake up call, some last minute packing, and a quick trip to Tim Hortons to get my coffee fix for the day. I hit the road before seven, which was a goal of mine so I could avoid both traffic out of Buffalo and coming into Cleveland. I ended up pulling up in front of the apartment a little bit before 11 because of a nice stop in Erie to get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts to share for the weekend!

 No hangout with Abby is complete without a trip to Target (we made a total of three in the matter of two days, no big deal...). And no trip to Target is complete without pretending that floral and citrus wreath arrangements are flower crowns and that you are actually at Coachella and not in the midwest.

After a morning of wandering around Targets (yes, plural) and downtown Cleveland, we managed to work up quite and appetite so Abby took me to a restaurant right across from Quickens called Barrio. It's an affordable Mexican restaurant with amazing chips and salsa, some killer six dollar queso (do you see how massive that bowl is? Well worth it!), and the most incredible tacos. Basically, you customize your own tacos and they're only three dollars each!!! I got chicken tacos with lettuce and corn salsa and it was amazing.  I mean, as you can tell from the sheet in the first picture, there is a lot more toppings you can stuff into your tacos. I just happen to be very picky!

After a pretty hefty late lunch, we decided to hit the streets again and walk down to our favorite spot on the pier to work off the tacos and just enjoy the decent weather! It wasn't too hot, there wasn't any killer sun burning our skin, and even the breeze was pretty mild!

We had a few hours between getting back from the pier and going out to watch the sunset, so we just hung around and watched Netflix in the interim. Which also led to lots and lots of cuddles with Bailey! Isn't she the absolute cutest? She's probably the sweetest cat I've ever met (owned??) and I'm in love with her. I cannot wait to move in and play with her every single day!!!!

Abby is an adventurous soul and managed to find the most incredible spot to watch the sunset. You get the entire skyline from a distance. I can't even describe how gorgeous it was up here. I had to face my fear of heights and definitely was a total wimp the entire time, but it was so worth it.

The golden hues stayed around the cityscape while the cotton candy colored skies hung around behind us. So of course, I had to snap some pictures of the pastel pinks and lavenders!

What can I say? I'll face my fears of heights for aesthetic purposes.

Saturday turned out to just be another chill day! We ate doughnuts for breakfast, went to Starbucks and then went to Target again to get food to make for dinner! It really was just an all around chill day filled with lots of laughs, lots of dancing in the car, and some more Netflix time! 

I'm definitely going to enjoy my last month and half I have left at home, but I'm so ready to move in! August is going to be crazy and wonderful!

This seemed to be the only explanation behind this photo...


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