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1. Aveeno Moisturizer

I am a religious user of Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisturizer, but whenever I'm home I always have a habit of using my mom's Aveeno moisturizer. It's a thicker lotion than my Neutrogena and Origins moisturizer, but it just feels so great to put on a thicker moisturizer a few times a week to really hydrate my skin. My skin gets relatively oily in the summer because of the humidity, but a combination of my topical acne creams and air conditioning makes my skin a bit crackly in the mornings, easily combated by this product.

2. "Black Magic" by Little Mix

I have not gone a car ride or shower without this song. Admittedly, I jammed to the leaked version of this and even downloaded it before it officially released on iTunes. However, I definitely purchased it as soon as it was available because IT IS JUST THAT GOOD. I cannot get enough of this girl pop anthem. Dozens of people have laughed at me while I danced to this in my car and I am not ashamed in the slightest. I dare you to listen to the first minute of this song and not at least sway to it.

3. Milka Chocolate

I finally scoured the chocolate aisle at Target recently and picked up a few bars of foreign chocolate. I've had mini Milka bars before when my brother's girlfriend's family brought them back from Europe so to see it on display at Target turned me into the actual heart eye emoji. I don't eat a lot of plain chocolate, but if I could have Milka bars for the rest of my life, I'd be insanely happy about it.

4. NYX Orange Cream blush

Okay, I KNOW this looks a bit out there in the pan and honestly, it kind of is. But I figure if I can wear bright colors on my lips, why can't I wear some on my cheeks as well? In all seriousness, NYX cream blushes are some of my absolute favorite. They're pigmented, easy to blend, and do not budge. Orange is a very straight forward name. It's a true orange shade but with a light hand and a fair amount of blending you can make it look somewhat natural looking. Or at least not so clown-like.

5. Urban Decay Anarchy

This was one of the unseen lipsticks from my great lipstick adventure, but it's also one my favorites of the moment. Urban Decay lipsticks in general are fantastically pigmented and long-wearing (I have F-Bomb and Shame as well) and their metallic tubes are gorgeous. This hot pink has too much of a sheen to be considered an actual matte, but with some careful blotting and a bit of wear, it appears matte after a while (if that's more up your alley).

What have you been loving lately?


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