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Summer Nights

I used to think that changing routines with seasons was the cheesiest thing in the world until I realized that it is something that I, without a fail, do every time the temperature increases or decreases dramatically. Now that it's transitioning into summer, my nightly routine including my sleep and sleep schedule are getting affected, especially now that I'm living back at home and not in my dorm anymore. So many different factors are affecting my sleep, but after a week or so, I think I've started to get the hang of the tweaks I've made.

The first change, or rather addition, to my normal "shower, wash my face, comb my hair" routine is to drink more water before bed. If the air-conditioning is on while I'm sleeping, I get the driest throat come morning. More often than not, it gets dry in the middle of the night when I'm not prepared with a water bottle by my bed and didn't think to get hydrated before slipping under my blankets. And if it gets too hot and humid in my room, even with the air-conditioning, I'll steal my brother's personal fan to keep me from burning up (shoutout to the Jonases) during the night.

The next change has less to do with my routine and more to do with what I sleep with. I don't know if I've said this on my blog before, but I don't sleep under my comforter or sheets. I sleep on top of everything and just use blankets to keep myself warm. During the summertime, I ditch all but one blanket and usually only drape it on the lower half of my body because I tend to get hot during the night otherwise. I'll opt for lighter linens during the summer as well. Since moving to college, I didn't really switch to the fleece bedding like I used to at home during the winter, mostly because 1. I'm lazy and rarely change my sheets because 2. I don't sleep under the covers, so fleece sheets would generally go to waste.

I like smoother comforters as well, ones that don't have a lot of texture (preferably no texture at all). My Cynthia Rowley comforter from this past year (and the one that's currently on my bed at home) did the job, but I also like the simplicity of the bedding from Parachute.  I prefer to spice up my bedding through throw pillows and blankets rather than flashy bedding. It allows for a lot more creativity and freedom because there's less colors and details to try to coordinate with.

Eventually, I'm going to have to get all new bedding because I am determined to not have a twin mattress any longer. I've slept in a twin bed for nineteen years and I'd very much like a full sized bed for the first time in my life!

Where's your favorite place to get bedding?


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