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The Great Lipstick Adventure

It is certainly no secret that I have an extreme a slight problem when it comes to hoarding owning too many lipsticks. I personally live with the mindset that there's no such thing as too many lipsticks. With that being said...I might have a few more lipsticks than are entirely necessary. Rather than giving away or tossing any of these lipsticks, however, I've decided to take a much more fun and challenging route (though I find throwing out makeup more challenging that what I've chosen to do).

I've decided to embark on what I've appropriately dubbed The Great Lipstick Adventure. I began this journey through my makeup drawers last Sunday in an attempt to properly and fairly utilize all of my lipsticks (and trust me, there are many). Since I wear my hair and the rest of my makeup the same every day, switching up my lip color is the one way to bring the color and creativity into my life.

What is TGLA you might ask? Well, it basically entails me wearing a new lipstick color every day with the intent to not repeat the same shade in a week (though sometimes it may be necessary). It gets me wearing lipstick every day (which I feel naked without now) and gets me using the shades I paid a pretty penny for!

I documented six days of TGLA on Snapchat before deciding to give my friends a break from my ridiculousness. For the first week of TGLA, I wanted to go through a majority of my newer shades to really test them out and take them for a spin, which I think I accomplished quite well, whether it was wearing them for a full day of classes or even a full day of work! Of the four pictured above, Chanel's Extatique is my absolute favorite and completely worth the money. I'm going to get A LOT of wear out of it this summer and for the rest of eternity, probably. It's the closest I will ever get to a nude lipstick as well (which is sad because it's quite a bright pink with a hint of like..blueish duochrome/pearly sheen when you first apply it).

What's your favorite lipstick?


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