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Sunday Night Routine

So you have your regular nightly routines and then you have your Sunday night routines...

My usual nightly routines just involve some face was washing in the shower, a thin layer of a Vitamin C Serum (I'm currently testing out the OZ Naturals one, I will give an updated review when I've been using it longer than two weeks!), and my daily Neutrogena moisturizer. However, Sunday is when I really like to do the deep cleaning. I have a very specific beauty process that I look forward to the second Monday comes.

My Sunday night routines start around 7 PM when I take off whatever nail polish is left from that week. This is when I'll usually cut and file any jagged nails or ones that are just too long to handle. If I wore makeup that day (7/10 times I'm not wearing makeup on a Sunday), I'll take off my eye makeup with my Neutrogena eye makeup remover. I'll go into the shower around 8 and do my normal shampooing (L'Oreal) , body washing (Body Shop gels), and face washing (Philosophy's Purity Cleanser). Instead of using my normal matching condition, however, I'll use my InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask to reward my hair for being a good sport all week after the amount of hairspray and heat damage I probably did to it (always use a heat protectant spray, kids!)

I'll leave the mask in for about 10 to 15 minutes, which is why I normally put it in right after I wash my hair with shampoo. I'll apply a generous amount of product to my hair and then will twist and clip it back with a big butterfly clip so it's not in my way for the rest of my shower. I'll rinse it out right before I get out of the shower and dry off.

Next, I'll use my InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask when my skin has dried. I apply a thin layer all over my face and leave it to dry for 15 minutes. I'll normally fiddle around with social media to pass time before I go in with a warm washcloth and rub the dried mask off in small circular motions. After that, I'll pat my skin dry and wait a few minutes before applying my Vitamin C Serum to clean, dry skin. After that dries, I go in with my regular moisturizer and let it soak into my skin.

At this point, my hair has been in a bun for about 25 minutes, so I'll normally take it down and brush it out with my Wet Brush (LIFE. SAVER). When it's tangle free, I apply my Tresemme Keratin Serum from the bottom of my ear to the tips of my hair. Then I pull my hair back into a pony tail so it is out of the way when I paint my nails.

I always always always apply a base coat to my nails before I put any sort of color on them. Once that dries, I'll do however many coats I need of the nail polish of my choice and wait for it to dry a bit before applying my top coat. I'll usually watch Youtube or go on Pinterest while I'm sitting at my desk for my nails to dry fully before I move on over into my bed to be more comfortable when I play around on social media.

And that's it! It's more time consuming than it sounds, which is why I reduce doing it to once a week (though if I'm having a particularly rough skin or hair week, I might add in an extra use of the hair or face mask depending on what's giving me issues).

Is there one night in your week where your daily routine shifts? 

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