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Rainy Day Tips

April showers bring May flowers is a mantra I've been telling myself since middle school and is the only thing that helps me cope with the fact that yes, it is going to rain in the springtime. And it's going to rain a lot.

1. Don't wear white if there's any rain in the forecast. I swear, even it's it only 10% chance of rain, it will somehow ruin your outfit. Better safe than sorry!

2. Always have an umbrella. The one time you don't is the time it's going to pour when you don't have a hood on your coat.

3. Wear proper shoes. Whether it's water resistant flat shoes or rain boots, just be prepared. Nobody likes wet socks or sandals slipping off of your slick feet.

4. Waterproof makeup. It might be a pain in the butt to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but it sure as hell beats looking like a panda!

5. Always have hair ties. The only thing worse than having your hair get ruined in the rain is having a matted mess of wet hair stuck to your neck. Always have a hair tie on hand to tie back your damp hair.


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