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1. New haircut

I chopped a little more of my hair off last week and got it lightened! My hair dresser/stylist/actual angel angled the front of my hair, as usual, and gave me more layers to keep my hair from being an awkward one length and poofy (which was the mistake I made back before my freshmen year and why I stupidly swore off short hair for five years).

2. NARS Jungle Red

I was on the hunt for Dragon Girl and stumbled upon this punchy red shade. It has more of an orange tint to it, rather than my typical blue-toned reds. It's a creamy, non-drying matte and applies really smoothly to your lips. A lot of matte lipsticks are problematic for me because I have the tendency to have drier lips because I'm stubborn and hate chapstick. This, however, hasn't proved any problems for my semi-dry lips so far! I love NARS packaging until you get finger prints all over it, which is one of the annoying things about their products after you have them for a while. Also, this red makes me teeth look really nice? It doesn't make them look uber white, but they're definitely not yellow and I just find that my smile pairs nicely with it. I'm not sure if that's a quality that everybody looks for in lipstick, but I think this one has it!

If you want to see a picture of me wearing it, there's a picture of it (and also another one of my new hair) in this post from last week.

3. The Sun

SHOUTOUT TO THE SUN FOR CHILLING IN THE SKY FOR SO LONG. And for allowing me to not wear a jacket for the past two days. You're the real, MVP, Sun.

4. Fruit salad

It's a known fact that whenever I go home for long weekends or breaks, I eat terribly and I eat a lot of it. I start baking again or I eat the treats that are at my grandparents house that people bring. I'll snack on whatever junk food is in the cupboards or pantry closet and I'll somehow end up eating takeout 70% of the time. The thing is...I don't even like junk food all that much. It's nice to have on occasion, but I would honestly rather be eating salads and fruit and what not. Since getting back to school, I've been trying to pick up one or two of the pre-made fruit salads on campus (I've been getting these for a while because, but have been really going hard this week). They're a nice treat to have at night, especially since I'm used to popping a few pieces of chocolate as my late night sweet. 

5. St. Ives Oatmeal scrub and mask

I've only been using this as a scrub because my new prescription from my dermatologist is great...except it dries out my skin. It's not as dramatic as the first product I was prescribed two years ago was, but it definitely leaves my skin drier than Epiduo did. However, the dry skin can easily be combated with this nourishing facial scrub. It's a really fine exfoliator too, so it gently removes the dry skin from my face unlike some of the more abrasive and hardcore exfoliators I've tried. Plus, the oatmeal is really soothing and smells fantastic.

What have you been loving lately?


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