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Things I'm Loving (But Not Really)

If I'm being honest, there haven't been that many things that I've been loving over the past week. It's been fairly busy with school and work and just generally trying to get my life back together. I'm sure there are things I can think of that I've been enjoying, but I've been sort of just...chilling.

Regardless, I'm just going to list the top ten things that I love at the moment that I have probably talked about before, but am going to mention again:

1. Red lipstick (currently, Red Jungle from NARS is my favorite)
2. Sunshine
3. 8tracks playlists
4. Fashion magazines
5. Zayn Malik (gonna miss you...)
6. Bold eyebrows
7. Dove chocolate covered almonds
8. Fresh fruit
9. Grace Helbig (her show premieres on E! Network next week!!!!)
10. Girl groups

I promise I'll have some more exciting things to talk about next week! For now, here are my past three blog posts to occupy your time and provide a little more entertainment that this list.

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What are you loving at the moment?


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