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Spring Scents

I went outside without a jacket on yesterday, so if that isn't a sign that spring is near, then I don't know what is! In all seriousness, this is the time of year where I start to switch up my makeup and other beauty products to match the longer days, slightly warmer weather, and the fact that it's a new season!  You can read how I tweak my makeup routine here and continue on reading this post to see how I change up the various scents in my life during spring.

1. DKNY Be Delicious This is a perfume I constantly forget that I have because it's a sample size, but I've been using it the past week or so and have been remembering why I even purchased it in the first place. It's just a nice fruity scent, but on the more mild side. It's not an overwhelming amount of sweetness like some of my other fruity scented perfumes are. 

2. Method's Green Tea + Aloe && Bath and Body Works Provence Garden I have the Provence Garden scent in the foaming hand soap and the 3-wick candles, so you could say that I'm fairly obsessed with the scent.

3. The Body Shop Mega Strawberry and Mango Shower Gel Breaking out the fruity scented shower gels at the first sight of semi-permanent sun is something that I fully support doing it. the Strawberry shower gel might be my favorite of all time, but the Mango one is a new addition and is starting to climb its way to the top. 

4. Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton and Aveeno's Calming Lotion Eventually, spring is going to lead to a time where I might start baring a little more leg, so the last thing that I want to do is have some flaky looking legs parading around campus and downtown! I'm trying to get better about using body lotion on my legs and hands and the Aveeno body lotion has been a life saver. I really like using the Sea Island Cotton scent as a hand cream, especially since it has shea butter in it. 

5. InstaNatural Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils The lemon essential oil is a spring scent, that's a no-brainer. A little goes along way with this essential oil, only a small amount bearing enough scent to waft through an entire room. I didn't even have to open the bottle to be able to smell how great the contents were! Surprisingly, though, the Peppermint scent also provides a nice fresh and sharp change to the room. Since it's such a strong and bold peppermint scent, it smells less like the winter and holiday season and more like a clean, invigorating scent. The lemon oil isn't overpowering and is more of a sweet-smelling citrus than the typical lemon-y scents, which normally smell a bit like Pinsol and cleaning supplies. I really like both of these essential oils from InstaNatural, especially since I can't have candles in my dorm and my wallflowers from Bath and Body Works are all very spicy, warm, and fall/winter scents! 

6. Bath and Body Works Fresh Linen and Lilac Blossom Wallflowers While I have my essential oils to diffuse throughout my room, wallflowers are also a very vital piece of my existence. I am fairly certain my room would smell horrid without mine. The smell of fresh laundry blowing in the wind as it dries and the sweet smell of lilacs are two of my favorite spring scents ever

What are your favorite spring scents?

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