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Paris Fashion Week

The final day of Paris Fashion Week today was the closure of fashion month. Let's all just have a moment of silence, for this is the first fashion show-less day since early February. It's a sad day for all, but that doesn't mean we cannot celebrate with some of my favorite looks from the PFW collections.

Top row: Looks 2 and 4 from Alexander McQueen
Bottom row: Looks 9 and 12 from Alexander McQueen

Top row: Looks 2, 4, 8, and 12 from Valentino
Middle Row: Looks 31, 37, 42, and 43 from Valentino
Bottom row: Looks 51, 66, 73, and 80 from Valentino
Looks 10 and 18 from Céline
Looks 4 and 11 from Theory
Looks 4 and 37 from Nina Ricci
Top row: Looks 16, 20, and 23 from Elie Saab
Middle row: Looks 25, 31, and 32 from Elie Saab
Bottom row: Looks 44, 53, and 57 from Elie Saab
Top row: Looks 3 and 4 from Christian Dior
Bottom row: Looks 27 and 37 from Christian Dior

Looks 29 and 31 from Rochas


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