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1. 6 Affirmations These are six things I'm definitely going to try to keep in my back pocket whenever I need them throughout the days, and I hope you do as well!

2. What I Wore In Aix-En-Provence We sell a very similar colored and styled top at work and I love the way periwinkle looks with the tan leather of the flats!

3. Feather-Print: From Fall To Spring At first, I was all there for the dress. Then, as I scrolled down the page, there were some major heart eyes for those two-toned boots. Talk about shoe envy!

4. How To: My One Minute Brows My friend and I both agreed (and I'm sure plenty of other women would as well) that our eyebrows are game changers on our face once we're done with them. This is pretty much what I do on a daily basis, just with different brow tools and two powders from Urban Decay rather than MAC.

5. A Trick for Drinking More Water This is what I do in my dorm (I try to when I'm home!) and it seriously makes all the difference in the world. I have about three water bottles as well as a tumbler cup or two constantly filled with cold water.

6. The Fashion Police on House Arrest I will admit to watching this show weekly toward the end of high school, but once I lost DVR when I went to college, I stopped watching as frequently and stopped entirely after Joan Rivers died. I definitely think a hiatus is much needed...but I'm going to miss Kelly Osbourne so much (if I decide to start watching again).

7. Step Up Your Spring Style Carly Cristman rocks monochrome and neutrals like no other.

8. A Few Things I Know To Be True Number nine on this list is SO IMPORTANT.

9. DIY Lemon Lavender Sugar Body Scrub I love the smell of lavender and I'm trying my best to use body scrubs on my legs in conjunction with lotions to ensure smooth and hydrated skin when the day where I wear to bear bare legs comes.

10. Camel + Cream I totally support the white jeans all year movement and the combination of white/camel is killer. So cute!

11. Spring Jackets This is an item I desperately need. I have a yellow rain jacket that I love, but I feel like I need another to add to my wardrobe...maybe someday!

12. The Newest Wrinkle's Weekend in Florence Can I just say WOW to the photos of Florence? My brother went last month and I was all heart eyes over his photos from his Italian adventure.

What have you been reading lately?


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