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1. "FourFiveSeconds" by Rihanna, Kayne West, and Paul McCartney

This is such a strange and unlikely combination of artists (and a genre choice for the normal poppy/R&B music Rihanna does), yet it works. I hope this means Rihanna is working on some new music? I feel like it's been a while and the world is due for more world domination by arguably the world's most beautiful and talented human specimen.

2. The kick-off of Fashion Week

Today is day one of NYFW and the kick-off to the four city circuit of the major fashion weeks. If you want to read about which shows I'm excited about, I talked about it on Tuesday! I'm also insanely excited for Kate Spade's showcase on Friday. EEEP! Cannot wait to review it!

3. BBC1 Live Lounge

I've been obsessed with these for a long while now, but there have been some solid ones as of late that have led me to just listen to them on repeat rather than music from my iTunes library or Spotify playlists. Right now, some of my favorites are:

4. WWD Pre-Fall 2015 Round-up

I pretty heavily rely on Women's Wear Daily (WWD) for collection roundups (as well as, so when I finally realized that there is an entire round-up of the Pre-Fall 2015 runway collections, I geeked out a bit. As much as I loved the spring couture collections from this year, I had such a blast looking through Pre-Fall 2015 collections and can't wait to sort through more over the next few days, between keeping up with FW 2015!

5. Selfies

I've always snapped pictures of my self, mostly to check my appearance or send outfit of the days or face of the days to friends. Mostly, they were just for a joke or to use as some sort of avatar on social media accounts. However, it has not been until very recently that I have decided to embrace the selfie with open arms and dive right into the world of selfies. Why was I against them for so long? Why did I hate things that make people feel confident about themselves? What a sad life that was for me. Guys, I'm going to confirm that the grass is greener on the other side of hating selfies.

What have you been loving lately? 


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