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1. My Favorite YouTubers! It's no surprise that I absolutely love YouTubers and spending a couple of hours catching up on new videos, which is why I love seeing somebody else's favorite Youtubers to check for overlap (like Leighannsays and Mirandasings) or to find new favorites (I haven't watched MyToeCold in FOREVER).

2. DIY Lace Bralette I have gotten to the point in my life where I actually do not wear real bras anymore, maybe like...once every two weeks? And that's a pretty solid maybe. I live in Aerie bralettes and I don't regret it.

3. Wardrobe Additions I'm a lover of haul-videos, but I love that Alex has taken it to the next level and gone in to really explain how she plans to style and utilize her new purchases rather than just holding them up or trying them on with a voiceover about how cute said item it.

4. What Do You Secretly Hate? Beaches. Though I think I've actually talked about how much I hate beaches in a blog over the summer...guess it's not so secretive after all!

5. 15 Chic Winter Coats I think if I had an unlimited amount of money and still lived someplace that had all four seasons, my biggest investments would be coats. The amount of times I go places and don't take my coat off is crazy because of the temperatures. They're like another layer of clothing in the Midwest/Northeast!

6. The Zhush Home Tour Literal heart eye over the navy + white theme throughout the house. HOW GORGEOUS IS THE INTERIOR?

7. The Moroccan Pouf This looks like the coziest little reading nook there ever was.

8. Operation Save My Laptop I need to desperately do this. My Macbook has been running slow for a while...but it's not even that filled up, which is frustrating! I'll have to clean it out in the near future!

9. Snack Attack I get HANGRY when I don't eat frequently or if I pass the window of manageable hunger. But if I'm even five minutes past...I am a force to be reckoned with. These little treats look so good though! Definitely something I could see myself carrying around for on-the-go to avoid emotional breakdowns in public because I can't find something to eat (this happened in Epcot and it was a nightmare).

10. Multicolor Blanket Cape and Black Skinny Jeans I need the temperature to warm up a bit so I can comfortably wear a blanket cape outside and not have to worry about layering a pesky jacket over it!

What have you been reading lately?


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