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1. Shell of Light I am a lover of fall/winter fashion, but I am beyond tired of this windchill and spotty snowfall. Give me ballet flats, light sweaters, and blue skies ASAP.

2. Valentine's Day Alex always puts together the cutest outfits. I love the cheetah shoes with the color of the pants. Such a fun look!

3. Be My Galentine? I didn't get to spend Galentine's Day (February 13th, for those who don't watch Parks and Recreation, which you should) with my friends, unfortunately, but that didn't mean I wasn't thinking of them all day.

4. Pops of Pink Bright pink has been doing it for me lately. I just painted my nails Essie's Mod Square and my favorite pieces from Kate Spade's FW 15 collection are the same color.

5. All About the Slit I was always indifferent about the high slits in clothing. It was always nice to look at, but I never really got it got it until this week, actually. After seeing quite a few high slits (even some double slits!), I was officially convinced that they were gorgeous and perfect and I am determined to figure out how to make it work.

6. Winter Ocean House Name one time where Sarah Vickers didn't completely nail an outfit. I dare you.

7. Favorite Mags Magazines are my favorite things to buy ever. My two favorites are Vogue and Porter. What are yours?

8. NYFW Essentials Hopefully I will have to reference this post sometime in the future. *crosses fingers*

9. Shooting Tips For All You iPhone Photographers I had no clue my phone could do half of this stuff. These tips will definitely come in handy when I'm too lazy to lug around my bulky Canon.

10. 10 Classic Flats Every Woman Should Own This number coincidence was certainly not planned, but entertaining nonetheless. I'm trying really hard to turn myself into a flat person, I just always run into trouble with having "toe cleavage" and it's just generally really unattractive. I'm going to try to make 2015 the year of the flats for me.

11. DIY Boxed Flowers Making a massive mental note to try this out at some point this year.

12. Getting Work Done on the Road This is something I always struggle with and will probably to continue to struggle with. I love Carly's tips though, so I'm definitely going to try to implement them during my next trip, whenever that may be.

13. New York Closets: Tanya Taylor Quite possibly my favorite blog series. Check them all out!

14. DIY Update: The Ladder Shoe Shelf Ummmm...I honestly think I need this for myself.

What have you been reading recently?


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