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Another Conversation About Makeup...

Apparently it is not just guys who are commenting on the makeup habits and routines of girls, but other GIRLS are joining in as well. In the past, I have done posts about why I can't go out in public without makeup on and why I continue to wear makeup. In both posts, I talk about how I wear makeup because I think it's fun to put on and it makes me feel comfortable. I also talk about how it is completely okay if you choose not to wear makeup at all. In the grand scheme of things, WHO CARES?

Demi Lovato is a great advocate for addictions and body images issues. I cannot deny her of that. She's done a great job to promote feeling comfortable in your own skin, that you don't need to rely on dangerous substances to have a good time, and that self-love is important.

This is why her recent tweets upset me.

I'm not even going to point out the insane amount of irony in these tweets because I'm not going to tear Demi Lovato down to make a point. I see the point she was trying to make, especially with her new skincare line coming out. I get that she wants to make women feel like they should be allowed to feel confident and beautiful without makeup on. But the reality of the situation is is that some women feel their best with a full face of makeup, just like some feel great with just mascara and concealer, and others feel awesome not wearing any makeup at all.

What is the common theme through all of that? COMFORT. Feeling secure. Having the confidence to go throughout your day with a  smile on your face.

When I see these tweets and quotes from men (and apparently women now) about girls needing to go for a more natural look, it doesn't make me feel comforted. I don't think "wow, that's a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders," because the natural look to them isn't what an actual natural look is. If you are a normal makeup wearer and you don't wear makeup one day, people ask you if you're sick. They say you look tired, run-down. So clearly that's not the natural look they're preaching about. They want the other natural look, the one that requires the same amount of time and products to achieve as a more colorful makeup look does.

When I see things hating on girls who wear makeup, the stereotype that girls who enjoy makeup are vapid and vain...I feel like sh*t. They're trying to attribute a negative connotation with makeup and instead of making girls feel comfortable, it puts yet another pressure on us.

Just because I enjoy wearing lipstick does not make me vapid or any less intelligent than the next girl who choose not to. Putting makeup on is not a mask, it is not an attempt to paint my face in order to feel beautiful. I know I'm beautiful, with or without foundation and mascara. Makeup doesn't make me feel beautiful, it makes me feel comfortable. I feel better when I wear makeup.

Does that mean that everybody has to feel better wearing makeup? NO, of course not. People should feel comfortable with themselves in whatever ways they need to, whether that's wearing a full face of makeup or just lipgloss or nothing at all. Honestly, WHO CARES?

Ladies, can we PLEASE stop hating on each other and throwing shade? Because we have the entire male species to belittle us for the rest of eternity. Don't make it harder for each other.


  1. Amazing post, I'm so glad you brought it up! Who cares if a girl wants to wear make up or not, as long as she's happy then that's all that matters.


    1. I'm glad you liked it! I genuinely don't understand why it's a big deal when somebody does or does not wear makeup. So strange!

      Thanks for reading & leaving such a sweet comment. Hope you have an awesome weekend! :-)


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