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1. Scandal

My friend Bobby has been telling me to watch Scandal for as long as I can remember. In fact, he used to frequently log into my Netflix to make sure it was still on my list and in the first few slots so I would have to stare it in the face every time I went on to watch something. It's not that I had anything against the show or that I thought it was going to be bad. I'd only heard good things, but such good things that I knew I would get hooked and I didn't have time for that! With Parenthood ending on Thursday, it left my TV schedule wide open (which I don't like). I was complaining about this to my suitemate who told me to just watch Scandal on Thursdays with her.

I blew through seasons one and two this past weekend, but I have to hold off on season three Friday sadly. If I have any questions, my suitemate said she'd fill me in during commercial breaks because I'm going to start watching live this Thursday. GUYS, THIS SHOW IS EVERYTHING YOU COULD HAVE EVER WANTED FROM IT AND MORE. I laughed, I cried, I screamed (a lot). I did a lot of pacing and rhetorical questioning to anybody who would listen. This show takes your gut feeling, twists it around, and makes you so unbelievably wrong. If don't watch this show, WATCH IT. If you do watch this show, WATCH IT AGAIN. If you want me to stop talking about Scandal...I can't make any promises.

2. Layering

So one really cool thing about living on the lake (seriously, it takes like 25 minutes to walk to the water and that's a leisurely pace) is that it's really windy frequently. The really cool thing about living on the lake in the winter time is that not only is it windy all the time, but the wind is also ridiculously cold. I don't spend a whole lot of time outside this time of year, but it's implausible to not go outside in a jacket and boots, as well as a few layers underneath. By the time you get into the buildings, you just want to shed the coat and extra warmth in order to be comfortable. Enter: layers. You can roll up your sleeves, take off a vest or cardigan, or even remove a scarf if necessary. It's a good technique to either seal in the heat or make it easier to alleviate some of it.

3. Spring 2015 Couture

My mouth has had a constant stream of saliva drooling from the corner for a few days now as the spring 2015 couture collections in Paris have been making their debuts. From billowing skirts at Dior, Chanel, and Giambattista Valli to racy cut-outs at Atelier Versace, lace overlays at Valentino, feathery fringe and sunset watercolors at Elie Saab...the list goes on and on. To check out my favorites, from full collections to details to backstage, check out my fashion tumblr here (and for the spring 2015 couture tag here)

4. Fifth Harmony

I am so late onto this bandwagon and I am almost ashamed of it. Here's a group of really cool and supportive girls who make some pretty great pop music and I'm off to the side bashing them for being too girly or whatever. STUPID FRANCESCA, STUPID. Alas, I have seen the light and the group for the shining stars they truly are. Seriously, they're adorable and the fact that they're younger than me makes me so sad. I'd still have no shame in hanging out with them. They seem super cool! Give their new songs "Worth It" (new dance jam, no joke) and "Sledgehammer." I guarantee they'll get you moving.

5. "Love Me Harder" (Acoustic) by Ariana Grande and the Weeknd

I don't know where I stand with Ariana Grande, but I do know that this acoustic version of her song "Love Me Harder" (featuring The Weeknd) is killer. It didn't hit me until her AMAs performance that this song was pure gold and when I saw this acoustic version, I knew I was in for a great time.

What have you been loving lately?


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