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1. A Very Green Christmas Kathleen Deleasa (yup, that's right—Kevin Jonas's sister in law) has some of the greatest pieces of clothing I've ever seen. Her style is so cool. I might be kind of sort of in love with the romper featured in this post.

2. Oh La La with a Sprinkle of Cheetah There is some master layering going on in this post. I've always tried to do the sweater over a dress combination and fail miserably every time. This sweater paired with the bold cheetah dress is the perfect combination. Small golf clap for the impeccable styling of this outfit.

3. Sequin Pants I love the look of sequin pants (really, any sort of sequin bottoms are my low key obsession), but I think I wouldn't be able to pull them off. However, Aly, if you're reading this—get a pair of sequin pants. You would rock the HELL out of them.

4. Beaded Pants x H&M I can't be the only person who thinks that these are the raddest pants ever?

5. A Year in Review Shout-out to eyebrows! We made it, guys!

6. 2014 told via Instagram My favorite thing to do sometimes is to go back and look at my Instagram photos from the year, just to see what I thought was important or cute to document.

7. Style Crush: Lorde Despite Ella/Lorde being younger than me, I'd still like to grow up to be like her. Homegirl is the raddest and coolest chick out there.

8.  Cozy Cable Knit & Pink Lipstick Can I just say that I am now pining after that shade of pink lip? As much as I love my reds and berries during the winter, sometimes a bright pink or fuchsia is just what my face needs to bring a little color back into the season.

What have you been reading lately?


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