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Good Reads + My New Fashion Tumblr

1. GSD // Carly A. Heitlinger of College Prepster Carly is an organizational GODDESS.

2. 12-Year-Old Sends Letter to All 32 NFL Teams, and Only The Panthers Respond Tell me this is not the cutest thing you've heard all week.

3. 13 (Almost) Unbelieving Facts You Never Knew About Anna Wintour Shockingly, not one of them mentions how absolutely terrified I am of her.

4. Getting Active In Old Navy Old Navy has been continuously stepping up their game for the past couple of years. Definitely interested in this athletic gear.

5. Weekday Wardrobe I've been really digging the faux fur collars on winter jackets lately.

6. Wardrobe Rehab: Best Closet Additions of 2014 Mine were my black high-neck tank dress from Old Navy, Free People sunglasses, white tulle skirt from eShakti, Kate Spade glasses ring, and green winter coat from J. Crew

7. Courting Another day, another outfit that Sarah Vickers completely owns head to toe.

8. Tuckernut Resort I'm not a huge summer person (GASP, I KNOW) but this is just making me miss the warmth and sunshine.

9. What To Wear When You'd Rather Hibernate While normally my hibernating wardrobe would include a crew neck, leggings, and the blanket that I'm hiding under in the safety of my room, this looks about right for when I can't avoid the outside. And look how freaking adorable that faux fur hat it!

10. Stylish Ways to Wear a Winter Beanie I didn't truly appreciate beanies until I learned that I hated washing my hair every day.

11. Recent Reads & Reviews: Yes Please, 50 Shades, Not That Kind of Girl I have Lena Dunham's book in my possession, want to read Amy's book very bad, and read Bossypants a couple of summers ago!

12. "Want To Sit Together?" I am one of those girls who doesn't like to do certain things alone. I can go get coffee alone or sit at the water alone, but I refuse to get dinner alone or go to certain events alone. Definitely something I'm trying to work on!

13. Winter Blues I don't know how Alex does it, but she layers blue on blue on blue and KILLS it. So jealous!

14. Splurge / Spend / Save: 10 Winter Essentials For Every Budget I always splurge on the wrong things, admittedly.

15. The Blanket Scarf I have very strong feelings about blanket scarves. By strong feelings I mean I love them so passionately that even Rose and Jack are jealous (I've never seen Titanic. Aly, did this reference make sense?)

16. How To: Fake It 'Til You Make It This is my motto for literally everything. Ask anybody, in any situation I will always reply to a "how to" question with fake it 'til you make it. Bold lipstick? Fake it 'til you make it. Weird length of a skirt? Fake it 'til you make it.

What have you been reading lately? 

P.S. I made a new tumblr just for fashion related things. You can follow it here if you're interested! 


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