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Holiday Cheer

Last year's mini tree, featuring more than one Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" still.
I'm an absolute grinch until the first of December. From then on, it is all Christmas everything. However, the Christmas spirit hit me during the first snowfall in Cleveland, but I still managed to suppress my holiday joy until we were a few days into December to truly embrace the spirit.

Fashion Week is the happiest time of the year...right after Christmas. Honestly, everything about Christmastime is perfect. The twinkly lights, the glitter-everything, the holly-jolly music playing practically 24/'s nonstop happiness for 25 days. TWENTY FIVE DAYS!!! Or even longer if you allow yourself to. I find myself skipping through stores more often during the holiday season (I regularly do this no matter what time of year, but it definitely increases during the month of December.) There's just so much joy to be spread throughout various holiday activities. These are some of my favorite parts about the holiday season.

1. Mittens && bauble hats
2. Peppermint hot chocolate
3. Fuzzy socks
4. Pretty gift wrap
5. Holiday scents
6. "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
7. Gold glitter
8. Red lips
9. Harry Styles wearing a Father Christmas Santa hat

What are your favorite parts of the holidays?


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