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Grades, Jobs, and Angel Tree Toppers

Hi guys! Long time no chat! Okay, that's sort of a massive lie, we had a chat about a week ago, but I'm feeling in a chatty mood right now! I've been home for a little over a week now, trying to enjoy my winter break and time off from school.

I got my fall semester grades on Wednesday and I'm trying to get excited about them but it's hard. One of the really irritating things about myself, aside from the perpetual off-key singing to everything, is that I'm very hard on myself, especially when it comes to academics. So of course I was absolutely delighted by my two A's, especially the one in a course where I was convinced my professor absolutely despised me. Then I got upset about an A- in my online class, which was weird because I've gotten A minuses before. Then the B+ and B came and I just got a weird sinking in my stomach. I am completely aware that these are in no way bad grades, that I should be very happy and proud of myself. But I can't. It's not my family or friends or strangers making me feel bad about my 3.56, it's myself and it is very, very frustrating. However, I'm working on it, so that's always good!

This month I also started working at my first big girl retail job. I work in a luggage store and it's going okay so far. I've only had two days there so I can't really complain yet (nor would I on the internet, of course). The rest of my break will be split between working a few hours a week there and (hopefully) some babysitting/hanging out with my favorite little nuggets!

And today..well, probably as you're reading this post...I'm getting my haircut! Like, a real hair cut, not just me telling my hair dresser, and I quote, "Just cut off the least amount that you need to cut off to make it look healthy." I plan on going in and telling her to just have fun with it. Kidding, I might just go into shock and that would be horrible. But, I do have plans for a real haircut and dye. You'll either have to check my Instagram for pictures or just wait for tomorrow ;-).

It's the week before Christmas and I only have presents for my goddaughter because homegirl is B-R-O-K-E and has to wait until the beginning of January when she gets her paychecks. Sorry friends! You will be getting something! I'm always a fan of late Christmases anyways. I did this last year with my roommates and it was the best decision ever. It's a continuation of Christmas spirit that just makes January all nice and jolly too!

P.S. How cute is the angel on top of our tree? I wonder who was put in charge of decorating the tree this year...


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