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1. Blank Space // Style (Taylor Swift Mash-Up) I kid you not, I listened to this mash-up 50 times yesterday. FIFTY. It's crazy good and addicting.

2. At Home Spa Night: NYE Manicures Essie nail polishes are my absolute favorite. That winter white shade is very, very tempting...I'm all about those home manicures as well!

3. Bohemian Fringe Waiting for the day that I can pull off a hat like that.

4. Black & Gold High school friends, please have a laugh with me. But, for real, this color combination is so great, especially around this time of year. And the bows, oh my goodness, they're adorable!

5. Winter in Cape Please add this cape to the list of things I need in order to truly feel fabulous.

6. NY Closets: Rebecca Ramsey I adore this closet series. It's a fun little peek into the weekly wardrobe of some funky fashionistas.

7. Best Of: Contour & Highlight Kits Highlighting and contouring my face are two of my favorite parts of my makeup routine, so products that combine my favorite two steps are fantastic in my book.

8. Gingerbread Hot Chocolate *salivates at the mouth* *ravenously searches the kitchen for ingredients* *realizes that it is far too late for hot chocolate*

9. Blogging > Jogging Sweatshirt THIS SWEATSHIRT IS CALLING MY NAME.

10. How To Get A Boy To Like You This is probably not what you think it is. Katy is so wise beyond her years, so unfair.

What have you been reading lately?


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