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1. 18 Times Taylor Swift Was Right About Everything in 2014 Taylor Swift is always right.

2. Harry Styles: Boy of the Year of the Girl *faints because of the mention of Harry Styles*

3. Meet...Mayhem I follow @2sister_angie on Instagram, also known as Fashion by Mayhem. This family makes incredible dresses out of paper and posts them on Instagram. Now, "Mayhem" has teamed up with J. Crew to create the most adorable children's line I've ever seen. I might have to snag something from it for my goddaughter...

4. Festive Stripes I love the multi-colored striped skirt paired with the bright ballet flats!

5. Guys and Fringe The accessories paired with the fringe was spot on.

6. Party Skirt + Sweater I love fuller skirts, especially during the winter! They look perfect paired with tights!

7. Outfit: SJP Bow Heels This not only made me want a pair of SJP bow heels, but also made me want a faux fur vest even more!

8. Embellished Sweater Sweaters that you don't need to worry about wearing a necklace or other jewelry with make my world go 'round.

9. Apr├Ęs Ski Such a perfect holiday sweater that could easily be worn all throughout ski season ;)

10. Ask A Blogger: Aren't you cold? Couldn't help but giggle at this one. Reminds me of all of those "behind the scenes" Instagram posts. So funny!

11. Del Toro x Alison Lou Emoji Slippers I'm very interested in auctioning off my organs in order to afford a pair of these.

12. Your Best...Within Reason I think I might start living my life by Carly's advice, "Sometimes you do have to give yourself a break and realize that you will do the best you can given the circumstances."

13. Q&A: Illustrator Becky Murphy Such great illustrations.

What have you been reading lately?


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