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1. Girl Starts Subway Dance Party I'm fairly certain this little girl might be my child.

2. My Winter Skin Care Routine That Eco Tools face sponge looks really interesting...might have to get my hands on one of those...

3. Resolutions I really, REALLY want to start getting into yoga this coming year...does this mean I should start now?

4. Fa La La Footwear Marks my words, I will own some of this artwork to display in my future apartment.

5. Leaves In Lincoln Park Again with the layering of turtlenecks under regular sweaters. I am trying this trend when I get back home for the holidays!

6. 'Tis The Season To Rock n Roll Those shoes are killer.

7. DILFS of Disneyland The happiest Instagram on the planet.

8. Fashion Tip: This Holiday Season, Throw Your Sequins Off *cries because of the Manolos*

9. Wishlisted: Rebecca Minkoff Bag I'm constantly scouring the Saks outlet for a cheap Mini Mac, but they're always in neon colors that I can't and don't want to pull off. One of these days I'll get my hand on one!

10. Wardrobe Rehab: Holiday Season Updates I love the color scheme of this clothing rack. Also, homegirl needs a tulle skirt. Any recommendations?

11. Confessions of a Coffee Non-Drinker I drink coffee, but I use so much cream and sugar that I might as well not even consider it coffee.

12. In The Snow Now that's the kind of jacket that I could have used during last spring's blizzard....

13. Decorate the Season Can't beat a nice winter plaid!

What have you been reading lately?


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