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Favorite Holiday Films

It's official: Life According to Francesca has been temporarily Christmas-fied and I'm not even sorry about it. Now that I'm home and have a comfortable couch to lounge on (and a puppy to cuddle with), it's time to kick it up a notch and fully commit to some nice holiday films to get me into the spirit. Honestly, mostly everything I do during the month of December is in an attempt to get myself into some sort of spirit. I digress, here's a list of my four favorite Christmas film's and a bonus flick suggested by my chummy Janelle!

1. Love Actually

Three words: Hugh Grant dancing. This is one of those movies where everybody's lives intertwine but it's done infinitely better than any of the US attempts at this star-studded adventure. What is better than a Christmas-themed romantic comedy? Harry Styles being under the tree, but that's a given.

2. Elf

I don't trust anybody who doesn't like the movie Elf. Being the real life female Buddy the Elf (not so much in the spreading Christmas cheer joy aspect, more just joy in general), I take serious offense to this. ELF IS THE CUTEST MOVIE AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW IT. What is better than Will Ferrell being a clueless, constantly happy, full-grown man walking around in tights? Again, Harry Styles being under my tree this year...STILL.

3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (TV Special)

Some may find the graphics poor or it just weirdly outdated and lame, but the Rudolph TV special is my favorite part of Christmas. I normally try to watch it on television every year, but I had to resort to finding a free download of it so I could watch it on my computer in my dorm before finals week. It's just a classic and quintessential part of Christmas! What is Christmas without Rudolph? How would Santa find his way otherwise?!

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated version)

Yes, I prefer the animated version of this film. Again, it's another Christmas classic that I've always adored. I especially liked the book when I was younger, and even when I was probably a little too old to be reading it. I think I spent a lot of my childhood wanting to be Cindy Lou Who

5. The Polar Express 

I've been told the 3-D version is amazing. "It's like a roller coaster," says Janelle. "It's just the best movie ever!"

Well said, Janelle. Well said.

What's your favorite Christmas film?


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