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All I Want For Christmas Is...

The answer would be "you" if "you" was referring to Harry Styles.

Christmas is along the same line as my birthday at this point in my life. There's nothing that I really need at all, but I feel like it's almost necessary to make a list. Unfortunately, this year was very difficult to even attempt to make one. Even the little things, like jewelry or mugs, weren't interesting to me at all.

The only gift I really needed to get this Christmas was a new winter coat...which I already know I got because I had to tell my Fairy Godmother when the good sale at J. Crew was. So yeah, that surprise was a bit spoiled by myself. But I had to make sure that she got the best price! I really don't like receiving gifts, so if somebody is going to be kind enough to gift me a coat, I'm going to try my hardest to make sure that it's as cheap as it can possibly be.

1. Taylor Swift's 1989 on vinyl
2. Antropologie monogram mug
3. Harry Styles
4. J. Crew City Coat in Dublin Green
5. K-Cups
6. Philosophy face products
7. Nars Dragon Girl lip crayon

And that's honestly it. Even that list is full of things I don't necessarily need, but wouldn't mind having. It's so weird growing up and getting more excited to give gifts rather than receive them. Such a strange thing indeed...

What's on your Christmas list this year?


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