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10 Things I've Learned About Myself In 2014

Following true to my tenth statement in this post, I'm going to take today to talk all about what I learned about myself in the past year rather than the year itself right now. A proper 2014 reflection will follow when it is officially "over."

2014 consisted of part of my first and second year of college, a few odd jobs, some self discoveries (apparently, I like asparagus now. A lot), stupid boys (and some not so stupid boys, hi Harry), and a hair cut. With all of these things (okay, maybe aside from the asparagus) happening in my life, I was bound to learn some lessons. And with age, I'm starting to learn more and more about myself as I deal with each of these new problems and see what each new endeavor entails. 

In true Francesca fashion, here's a list of 10 things that I have learned about myself over the course of the past year.

1. I'm a lot nicer than I had originally thought.

Maybe it's just something that's ingrained into our brains as humans, but I think that we don't like to admit the good parts about ourselves. Maybe it's out of fear of seeming self-centered or conceited (see #10 to know why it's okay to feel like this), or because we truly don't see the best parts of ourselves out of sheer insecureness. Whatever it may be, I don't think I realized how nice I am to people sometimes, especially strangers.

I used to be the butt of my favorite joke, calling myself a misanthrope and saying that I hated all people. I feel like I go out of my way to be polite to people, especially strangers, because I know how excited I get when strangers and other people are nice to me. I'm trying this new thing where I stop trying to remember the people who were rude or mean and remember the people who were nice instead! Those are the kind of people you want to remember and keep around in your life

2. I have a constant need to please people, even when they don't have unreasonably high expectations of me. 

This is most relevant when it comes to grades. Nobody is pressuring me into getting straight A's and besides needing to keep a 3.2 for my scholarship, I have no other pressures. Yet, here I am, stressing about getting two Bs. It's silly and definitely something I'm going to have to get over myself. I am very grateful that I have nobody else in my life trying to pressure me to become these cookie cutter images they have for me and will forever be grateful for it. 

3. I cannot save money for the life of me.

I've known this one for a while, but I've fully accepted it this year. Sorry, bank account. You will forever be depleting.

4. I love my family too much to leave them permanently. 

I have to be living somewhere and have a job where I can at least (AT LEAST) come home once a season, if possible. I could never go any longer than a few months without seeing my family, it's just not possible.

5. I don't think I want kids as much as I used to (or at least I have a lot to accomplish before I have any).

I keep adding things to my Life's To-Do-List that would require no offspring. Sorry, Harry. 

6. Being single is a blessing

I barely have time or the emotional capacity for myself. There's no way in HELL that I have time to be responsible for another's feelings. 

7. Strains on friendships are normal and some are more mendable than others.

Even Rory and Lane fought sometimes. Disagreements and rifts in relationships are normal. It's all about which can withstand the wear and tear and which can't.

8. Sometimes I need to take mental breaks from things. 

It's okay to not do something with somebody if I'm exhausted. It's a completely legitimate excuse that I was always too afraid to use before this year. I'm not invincible and I get stressed out incredibly easily. If I can't check out for a few hours, or even a day, I'm going to keep spreading myself too thin and end up worse off.

9. It's okay to be a little "selfish" and self-centered sometimes.

I use the word selfish loosely. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little time or something-something for yourself. You need to love yourself before you love anybody else. It's okay to look at yourself in the mirror and say "damn, I look great" or treat yourself just because. There's nothing wrong with being proud of what you do and accomplish or for putting yourself first. 

10. I wish complimenting people was a job.

2014 was the year of excessive compliments. I learned that when people compliment me, I shine. So, I decided to start complimenting everybody else. Maybe a little excessively, but it's honestly my favorite thing to do now. If complimented people was a job, I'd do it in a heartbeat. There's no greater sight than somebody's face after you pay them a genuine compliment. 

What have you learned about yourself in the past year?


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