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Wrap Me Up In Wool

Please don't do what the blog title tells you to, because wool in reality makes me uncomfortable and itchy. However, my favorite types of jackets are typically made of wool, so I suck it up during the winter time and hope that the silky lining will keep me fairly comfortable.

I've had the same coat since eighth grade, a navy blue Delia's peacoat. We've been through a lot together, but I think it's time that I start seeing other people. I love my coat to death, but sometimes I just want something that isn't navy. I especially hate it when I want to wear black. It guts me to have to pair it with navy blue, even if it's just a jacket. I've been lusting after a new jacket since last season, so I think this is the year that I finally just go through with it and add another every day winter jacket to my wardrobe.

What's your favorite style of winter jacket?


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