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Dry Skin

It's that lovely time of year in which the air becomes lighter, drier, and sucks all of the life out of your skin. The wind and dry temperatures take all of the moisture out of my skin, making for a very miserable fall and winter time without the help of some of my favorite products.

I like to take the best care of my lips and my face and I normally won't skimp out on these steps or forget them. For chapstick, I really like Smith's products. Right now I have the Strawberry Salve and for those on-the-go applications I used my tube of the Rosebud Salve. I find that these are perfect for every day wear when you apply a sheer layer, but if you pack them on at night they work as a very hydrating treatment. Plus, they're super inexpensive!

On my face, I use one of two moisturizers depending on the day. Nine times out of ten, I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer just because it's cheaper and easier to replace. Plus, I find that the cream formula is a lot better at replenishing my skin. However, if I'm having a better skin day where it doesn't seem to be as dry as usual (or when I'm traveling), I'll use my Origins Ginzing moisturizer. It smells very strong (I like it thought), but it gives my face a nice slick base for my makeup and puts a little more life back into my skin.

I'm terrible at remembering to use lotion on my hands and legs. I generally avoid using it on my hands just because I'm constantly touching something (computer, book, iPhone, pencil or pen, etc) and the feeling of lotion on my hands just feels wrong to me. But, as of late, I've been really into using my Lush Charity Pot lotion on my legs after I get out of the shower. Since I shave my legs every night, applying this afterwards makes them feel like a dream and it doesn't irritate them!

What's your favorite moisturizer or lotion?


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