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Central Park & Pierogies

There is a reason why New York is my favorite place on Earth, and it's not because of its incredible fashion or thin crust pizza (though those certainly don't hurt either...). The reason is more of a indescribable feeling, some sort of fluttering feeling in my stomach that something is going to happen...the good type of nervous when you know that you're going to get good news. SEE? Indescribable. But it's there, every time I'm in New York, even every time I THINK about New York.

My morning started off with some snuggles from this stud. My cousins's dog is the absolute cutest and slept on the futon with me. 

After a (much needed) relatively chill morning, my cousin and I made a trip to Brooklyn Bagel Company for, get this, bagels. Freaking incredible bagels. I think that was my third or fourth time having one of their bagels and it was just as heavenly as the previous times. 

After a quick breakfast, I was sent on my merry way from Queens to Manhattan (AKA my first time alone on a subway, EEK) to meet my uncle at Rockefeller Center to see the ice skaters and just walk around. I managed to get myself from my subway stop to the center in no time and actually accidentally stumbled upon a gorgeous J. Crew on W. 50th while waiting for him. 

The main cause of my poorness.


The tree has landed!!! I've never been to NYC in anything but the Spring and Summer, so seeing the tree, even in its roughest form was incredible.

After I met up with my beloved uncle, we watched the skaters before we decided to head on over to Magnolia Bakery as neither of us has ever been, but have heard only good things.

I got the Snickerdoodle cupcake and my uncle got Red Velvet. I understand why people like this bakery so much. I might have had a religious moment eating it on the corner of W. 50th. I will not confirm nor deny this. 

It only seemed right to watch some more happy ice skaters while we killed time before Love Letters (I did not go, but I did drop him off at the theater). 

We took a little trip inside of St. Patrick's Cathedral when we realized we had quite a bit of time left before he had to be to the theater. Despite being under construction, I still thought it was gorgeous. Church architecture has always fascinated me! 

Look at these Dolce dresses in the Saks window *insert heart eyes emoji*

After I dropped my uncle off at the theater to see Love Letters with my cousin, they gave me directions to Central Park, as I knew Fifth Avenue was too much for my shallow pockets and weak heart. After one Peppermint Mocha and a 15 minute detour (oops....?), I finally ended up near Columbus Circle and the 8th Avenue park entrance. 

My original intention for my Central Park trip was to find a place to sit down and read or write, but with my headphones in, a good shuffle, and focus elsewhere, I ended up wandering aimlessly for an hour, lost in my own little world. 


My two cousins and my uncle came and met me at the Apple Store so that we could catch a subway to the East Village where we were having dinner. 

We ate at Veselka and let me tell you,
it was heavenly. I got the large plate of Peorogies in potato, sweet potato, and meat. I inhaled these in an impressive amount of time and they were fantastic. 

To end the night, we topped off dinner with a treat at Van Leeuwen on East 7th Street. I got a scoop of Pumpkin ice cream and a scoop of coffee ice cream as well as a Dirty Chai Latte.

We called it a night after a nice chat and the promise of brunch the next day.

And then the day ended the same way it started...


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